Hey, I'm Madison.

I'm an artist and designer living in Milwaukee.

About me

Madison was born and raised near Milwaukee, WI.  She received her BFA at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities where she worked closely with the Katherine E Nash Gallery and Highpoint Center for Printmaking. She has spent time living in Atlanta, GA and Houston, TX where she discovered her passion for working with organizations that infuse the city with culture, such as Fresh Arts and Monday Night Brewing.  Upon moving back to Milwaukee, Madison has joined the artist community at Var Gallery & Studios with a studio at their VarWest location. 

About my work

My creative work is designed to be eye catching and entrancing, with a story to tell. I investigate the ways that contemporary influencers, such as mass-produced media, affect our habits, behaviors, and how we construct our personal image. This focus inspires me to play with humor, digital motifs, and expressive moments.

My overall creative goal is to show that critical engagement can be fashionable, aesthetically pleasing, even marketable — and still effective activism.

My skills

Graphic Design

Silkscreen Printing

Video & Sound Editing

Let's Chat!

I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting projects.  Have an idea?  Have a question?  Want to just grab a beer?

Let’s get in touch!