Monday Night Brewing: Packaging Redesign

Monday Night is a craft brewery based in Atlanta, Georgia that was founded in 2011 by three friends. Jonathan Baker, Jeff Heck, and Joel Iverson first began home-brewing beer in Jeff’s garage after their Monday evening bible study five years prior. This legacy inspired their official motto “Weekends Are Overrated” and the necktie motif, which, as CMO Jonathan describes, “symbolizes our journey from white collar to blue collar, where we realized it’s more important to love what you do than to be paid well for something you don’t enjoy.”

Monday Night Brewing used the same packaging design for 6 years and the production change from bottle to can packaging for all distributed beers gave them a great opportunity to revamp their look. They were interested in adding visual flexibility to their brand and highlighting the necktie as a primary design element. I worked collaboratively with the CMO to bring this redesign to life. The main concept and design format was the brainchild of Baker, while I focused on incorporating the details, specifically the patterns and illustrations that fills each necktie.

"This new direction keeps our core identity, but allows us to be a bit more free and playful" - Jonathan Baker, MNB CMO

This packaging redesign was also launched with a full sales toolkit that matches the new design. The toolkit includes sales sheets, promotional posters, table tents, liquor store shelf talkers, and other promotional print materials. This package not only allowed for the sales team to efficiently drive sales to their accounts and their patrons, but it also brought cohesion to the new packaging look as a whole.

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