Madison Sternig


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Serendipity Study

Serendipity Study is a series of one-of-a-kind screen prints created from an experimental exposure process using commonly found objects placed directly onto the screens. The resulting images are tactile and textured swatches; ephemeral silhouettes preserved in a graphic aesthetic. Complementary shapes, angles, and textures emerge throughout the collection. Yet when viewed individually, the prints seem to suggest a narrative or represent a moment in time.Creating this series has been an invaluable journey of growth in both my technical practice and mental health. Created in 30 days straight, I lost myself in a process of creating without judgment. These prints are artifacts of an uncertain expedition; an odyssey involving trial over prediction, saving space for serendipitous results, and trusting my own intuitive decisions as the maker and explorer.

Madison Sternig is an artist and designer based in Milwaukee, WI.

Madison received her BFA from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities where she worked closely with the Katherine E Nash Gallery and Highpoint Center for Printmaking. In 2015, Madison curated, organized, and installed an exhibition titled third.wav about the rise of feminism in the digital age. Since then, she has exhibited work in cities across the US including Minneapolis, Houston, Atlanta, and Milwaukee.Her artwork utilizes abstraction and unconventional printmaking techniques to contemplate themes of human behaviors, decision-making, and identity. Her printmaking process often invites elements of chance and spontaneity to represent the dissonance of performing day-to-day tasks in an ambiguous reality.In her commercial design work, Madison has worked with small-business powerhouses such as Monday Night Brewing of Atlanta, GA and Saz’s Hospitality Group in Milwaukee. In 2018 her collaborative beer can design for Space Lettuce was awarded first place by USA Today.


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