Madison Sternig in her studio




Madison is an artist, designer, and
multi-talented creative producer
based in Milwaukee, WI.

Madison has worked with small-business powerhouses such as Monday Night Brewing of Atlanta, GA and Saz’s Hospitality Group in Milwaukee. In 2018 she her collaborative beer can design for Space Lettuce was awarded first place by USA Today.

Born and raised near Milwaukee, Madison received her BFA from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities where she worked closely with the Katherine E Nash Gallery and Highpoint Center for Printmaking. As a college senior in 2015, Madison curated, organized, and installed an exhibition titled third.wav about the rise of feminism in the digital age.

As it was back then, Madison’s finger remains on the pulse of social culture. Her personal artwork often analyzes contemporary influencers such as mass/social media under a lens of feminism, design, and humor. Her commercial projects use her awareness and instincts to create imagery that feels relatable and genuine to consumers. 

Skills + Services


Using a fine art background, I create illustrations ranging from intricate for print use to simple for digital applications.

Graphic Design

From full-scale branding to functional materials, I design for practicality and individuality instead of following trends.


Formal training in lighting and photo editing helps me execute strong product photography.

Web Design

My web design knowledge includes understanding of HTML & CSS, wireframing, and WordPress.

Creative Direction

Successful creative projects require a critical eye that can pull together visual and thematic elements to translate the final concept.


My extensive studio background includes experience in painting, printmaking, woodworking, medalworking, and additional multimedia experimentation.


Got a project idea?

Whether you need help with graphic design, creative direction, or art creation, I'd love to hear more! Shoot me an email at madison@madisonsternig.com